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Kilembe Mines Hospital

On the 6th of May 2020, three rivers burst their banks and caused huge floods around the Kilembe Mines hospital and its surrounding community. Over 46,339 people were affected, homes were displaced, medical stores, kitchens, surgery rooms, private wards and the drug store were all swept away by the floods. The floods made Kilembe Mines Hospital inhabitable and increased the risk for critically ill patients. Due to the tragedy, the healthcare providers have been forced to relocate the hospital patients to St Micheal Kindergarten and Day care centre as well as Kasese Catholic Social Services halls.

In partnership with PROJECT C.U.R.E, we are seeking to provide relief support of up to USD 300,000 in supplies and equipment toward relief to Kilembe Mines hospital. Project CURE is non-profit humanitarian organization based in the United States of America that mobilizes and donates medical equipment to developing countries to help bridge the staggering health resources gap. PROJECT C.U.R.E has mobilized and donated $768,016,928 worth of medical equipment to 134 countries over the past 20 years.

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